Unlock the Potential of Your Voice Studio

Are you a dedicated voice teacher or music director looking to provide the best possible training to your students? At VoiceScience.org, we've tailored our resources to elevate your voice studio to new heights.

Empower Your Teaching: VoiceScience equips you and your students with a treasure trove of educational content, from comprehensive terminology to advanced pedagogical techniques. It's you and your student's go-to resource for staying at the forefront of vocal education.

Science-Based Exercises: Our platform provides your students with a platform to practice and improve between lessons, enabling them to grow into confident and skilled vocalists, perfectly complementing your lessons.

Personalized Support: Receive one-on-one and group sessions to deepen your knowledge and improve your teaching, whether you are a new teacher or a tenured veteran.

Continuous Growth: Learning is a lifelong journey. Stay inspired, motivated, and informed as you progress in your teaching career with the latest in voice science.

Accessible Anywhere: Our platform is accessible 24/7, so your students can practice between lessons whether at home or on the go, they're just a click away from valuable resources.

Basic Reporting: Teachers receive access to monthly access reports for their students to be able to measure their investment and ensure students are utilizing the available resources.

At VoiceScience, we are committed to your success as a voice teacher. Join us in shaping the next generation of vocalists, and watch your voice studio thrive as your students reach their full potential. Your journey starts here.

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All studio plans include:
- A Customized Student Sign-up Page
- A Teacher License
- A 1:1 Enablement Call
- Group and 1:1 Teacher Calls
- Basic Access Reporting

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