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Audio Exercises

Quick and effective, anywhere and at any time.

All you need to do is 8 steps: Listen, Listen, Silent Sing (audiate), Listen, Sing x3, Check.

Ear Training - Fundamentals

In the realm of vocal artistry, honing your ear training skills is not merely an option – it's an imperative. Ear training is the backbone of musical proficiency, and for singers and voice teachers, our ear training fundamentals are an invaluable tool. By sharpening your ability to recognize and reproduce musical intervals, you'll experience a profound shift in your vocal prowess.

Module Contains:
Major & Minor Pentascales
Major & Natural Minor Octave Scales

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Ear Training 1 - Tonic Starting Notes

Perfect for both budding vocalists and seasoned musicians, this program will elevate your understanding of intervals, enabling you to recognize and reproduce them with ease. Your musical journey starts at the tonic, where you'll develop a strong foundation for recognizing and replicating intervals, enriching your melodic capabilities. Uncover the magic of sound and unlock new dimensions in your musical voyage.

Module Contains:
3,456 Exercises
Ascending & Descending Intervals
Four Octaves of starting notes

Sight Singing

Sight Singing Collection

There are few skills that create as much return as investing time in sight reading. One does not have to dig deep to understand the benefit. An increased proficiency in sight reading allows the singer to be able to learn more music, and harder music, faster.

Module Contains:
Key Center Exercises
Sight Reading Examples
Answer Audio

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Knowledge Collections


Read about the latest research in singing, how to, pedagogy, and opinion articles to expand your knowledge.



Terms and definitions for hundreds of singing, vocal anatomy, and physics terms.